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  Alchemy Uffa Fox designed Albacore class.
FireFly Asphodel A colourful 1950 example of a Uffa Fox International 'Firefly' dinghy complete with her early yellow cotton duck sails.
  Avenger This National 12 dinghy was built by Wych and Coppock.
  Buttercup A West Wight Scow dinghy built by A A Combes, of Bembridge.
  Chance An original kit-built International Mirror dinghy.
  Coconut A Carribean Fishing Boat which has no real keel.
  Comet This Jollyboat was the fastest dinghy on the water when launched in 1950.
Cowslip Flying 15 Cowslip This Flying Fifteen was given as a wedding present by Cowes to Prince Philip, and the then Princess Elizabeth.
Eupope Europe Shirley Robertson's one-person Europe dinghy in which she won her first Olympic gold medal.
  Intent This Enterprise class was a great all-rounder and provided an fun entry to dinghy racing.


Kestrel A classic Bembridge Redwing, but fitted with an auto-gyro rig propeller 'sail'.
  Little Puff This tiny Fairey Duckling was designed to fit on a car roof.
Miss J Hornet class Miss J A Hornet class with standard sliding seat for to counterbalance the heeling motion of the boat.
Mistletoe Mistletoe On loan from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, this is the very first X-One design ever built.
  Misty The large model was used by a famous local sailmaker, to exhibit their sails at boat shows.
  Nereid The very intricate construction of close ribs and two skins gives a light but very strong hull.
  Patches Sunday Times sponsored SigneT class dinghy built for amateur construction in 1971
  Pep The tiny version of a proper yacht, probably a revised copy of a Mayfly dinghy.
  Pintail A Portsmouth built Z-class clinker dinghy, converted to a well equipped 3-berth cruiser.
Sopranino Sopranino Less than 20ft long, this mid-ocean racer has sailed across the Atlantic and back
  Thalassa This Jacqueline class dinghy was design to be launched and recovered off a pebble beach
Titmouse Titmouse Thought to be the only surviving example of the Tom Tit class yacht, originally built in Bombay.
Vinta Polynesian outrigger Vinta Similar to many Polynesian craft, this narrow outrigger was brought to the Museum from the Philippines.
Vigia Vigia Reputed to be the oldest sailing boat on the British register, a copy is being built in the Museum (see Projects)

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